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Sunday, May 20, 2012

DIY: Earring Holder

Hey Everyone! I've been needing a better way to store my earrings for awhile now and i came across this idea and thought it would be a fun project and look really cute in my closet. So if you wanna know how I did it keep reading....

Items you will need:

A canvas ( it is best if its just a plain white canvas however I actually used a pictured canvas from Big Lots)

Spray paint of your choice ( I picked a neon hot pink and you can actually pick any kind of paint you want that will work on a canvas)




Glue (optional)

How to :

Take your canvas and spray paint and spray a few coats and let it dry.

After your canvas is dry, Take your nails and measure the distance you want on the 2 sides of the canvas.

Think about how far your earrings will hang down and how many will be hanging on the canvas. If you only have a few pairs of earrings you might only need a couple rows.

I did 5 rows and fit about 35 pairs comfortably across.

Once you have hammered in your nails, Take your twine and measure the length of the canvas twice with a little extra.

Fold the twine together so you have a thicker string. You should have one end open and the other end closed.

Take the closed side of the twine and loop it around the nail on one side of the canvas. Take the twine and stretch it across the canvas to the other nail.

Double knot the twine around the other nail making sure it's pulled tight and if you desire secure with super glue.

Finish all your rows using the twine and that's it. You can arrange your earrings anyway you like!

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY and let me know if you would like to see more : )

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