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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Favorite Self-Tanners

This spring I've really been getting into a lot of self-tanners. Some of the self-tanners I've used for years and some I've just recently tried. So far I've been pretty happy with these tanners. I like to alternate which ones I use I feel like it makes them look more natural. So if you wanna hear my thoughts on some of my favorite self-tanners keep reading...Swatches underneath are not blended so you are able to see the color of the product.

1. Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs "Tan Glow- Med to Tan Skin Tones"

- This is my second spring/summer using this product and I absolutely love it. This is considered kind of like foundation for your legs. I love the way this makes my legs look flawless. The scent isn't really that great but I don't notice it once its on my legs. I purchased it from Rite-Aid for around $10 I believe.

2. Banana Boat Summer Color "Deep Dark Color"
- This is my first time using this product this year and I've become a quick fan. It's really easy to use and I like the color I get from it. I started using the Light/Medium color at first but I didn't like it as much and this one. I use this on my face as well and haven't had any breakouts or weird coloring. It does smell like self-tanner which is a downside but most of them have that smell. The price is amazing I purchased this from Wal-mart for around $6!
3. Jergens Natural Glow "Firming, Med to tan Skin Tones"
- Another product I've been using for years. I really only buy this for it's firming purposes. I figure if I'm putting lotion on to firm my skin might as well get a little tan glow out of it too. I've never really liked the scent or the color pay off but I do really like that way it firms the skin. I purchased it from  Rite-Aid for around $9. There's no color its just a white looking lotion.

4. Victoria's Secret Gradual Tan Moisturizer-
- I've been using this product for about 3 years now and I really enjoy it. I use this one at the start of my tanning to kind of fade into the darker tanners. Victoria's Secret has another self-tanner that I like more that this one but I am currently out. It has the exact same smell as the Jergens lotion, and I purchased it from Victoria's Secret for around $10-12.
5. Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel-
- My newest and probably favorite tanner. This tanner comes with latex gloves to apply it with which makes application really easy. You can see where you are applying it as you put it on. It dries super fast so you have to work quickly in small areas. Also the first time I applied this I did not wash it off after I woke up and was working out and it bled onto my clothes. It came out without a problem but make sure you rise it off. I purchased this from amazon for around $12.

 6. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze "Medium- Natural Tan"
- Another tanner I've been using for a couple years. Its quick drying and has subtle shimmer to it which I like. It's a colored lotion and probably has the best smell in my opinion out of all the ones I've mentioned. It works very similar to the Banana Boat, which the exception of the shimmer. I purchased this from wal-mart for around $8.
7. Victoria's Secret Luminous Body Bronzer "Beach Babe"-
-First of all this is not a self tanner but I wanted to throw this in because it gives your skin a really beautiful bronze glow. The smell is amazing and it makes the skin look so fresh and glowing. This does wash off if you were to go in any type of water but it looks really good if you are just laying out by the pool. It also has aloe vera and vitamin e ( antioxidant) in it.

*I want to add that I put put all of these self-tanners on at night with the exception of Beach Babe, Jergens Natural Glow,and the Sally Hansen Airbrush. After I have exfoliated my skin. Also for areas like knees, wrists, ankles, or neck I like to take a small amount of lotion and run it over those area's so the bronzer is not as concentrated.

Any questions leave in the comments, and I hope this helped if you are looking for a self-tanner this summer : )

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