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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hair Products I Can't Live Without:

Here are some products for your hair that I have been using for along time and absolutely love.

1. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product-
This stuff is amazing, on the back of the bottle it claims to do 10 things
  >Repairs dry,damaged hair
  >Adds Shine
  >Control Frizz
  >Seals & Protects hair color
  >Prevents Split ends
  >Stops Hair Breakage
  >Creates Silkiness
  >Enhances Natural Body
  >Flat Iron Spray & Thermal Protector
I can honestly say I have never found a product that claims to do so many things and actually feel like its true. I spray this on my hair after its been towel-dried just from the top of my ears down. My hair feels wonderful after I use this and the product its self smells really good. I also like to spray a little of this on right before i use any heat styling tools.

2. Deep Conditioners-
I love using a deep conditioner once a week to really moisturizer and repair my hair from any damage. There are several that i like including the "It's a 10 miracle hair mask" which is not pictured. The 2 that i have pictured are ones that I have used for years. One being "Aussie 3 Minute Miracle" this stuff is only around $3 and works great! I leave it on my hair for 3 minutes ( obviously!) and after my hair feels really soft and manageable,plus it smells like coconut which i LOVE! The second one is "One n Only Moroccan Argan Oil Restorative Mask", this one penetrates the cuticle to help reconstruct the hair shaft and rebuild strength to your hair. I leave this product on for about 10 minutes, then i rinse with cold water. After my hair feels healthy and shiny. You can find the Argan Oil Mask at Sally's Beauty Supply for around $10.

3. Anti-Breakage Serum-
For the past year I have been using the "Ever straight brazilian keratin therapy" which is just a serum that prevents breaking,adds shine, smoothes and strengthens. I love this product and I find it very comparable to the "Chi Silk Infusion" which I have used for many years prior to this product. Only this one is half the price! I apply this to towel-dried hair as well from the top of my ears down to the ends.

4. Fly-Away Tamers-
In the winter especially my hair tends to have fly aways right where my hair is parted on top, and static! So I have 2 products which work to help control that. The first one is "Cutler Fly-Away Control Stick" which can be found on Amazon. This product is a stick (kinda looks like deodorant) that you rub on your fingers and apply to the hair. I like to use mine on dry hair and i apply a little to my part and run the rest through my hair with my fingers. Doesn't really  have a smell but i still love it. The second product is "Bed Head After Party" which is pretty much just a lotion for your hair. It tames fly-aways and leaves my hair super soft! Plus it smells really good.

Obviously i don't use all of these products every time i wash my hair its really what ever i feel like using that day.

As far as shampoo & conditioner I switch it up almost every time i wash my hair and I use a whole variety of both. I do try to get color protecting or sulfate-free as much as i can though.

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  1. I love love the its a 10! it does wonders for my hair, and i love the bed head. I ran out so I need to go get more LOL