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Friday, January 6, 2012

Most Worn Blushes 2011:

I absolutely love blush but this year there has been a few blushes of mine that have stood out to me. So here are my most worn blushes for 2011...

 1. MAC blush in "Overdyed" (powder blush)
- This was my go-to blush all summer, perfect for darker skin tones or if you have a really awesome tan! It may look scary in the pan but once applied and blended its so pretty! (not sure if its still available, but you can always check a cco)
2. MAC blush in "Peaches" (sheertone blush)
- This to me is one of the perfect peach blushes. Whenever im in the mood to wear a peach blush this is the one i choose. I really like wearing this blush with green, purple,or bronze eye looks!

3. Hard Candy Fox in a Box blush in "Spicy & Sweet"
- This to me is an everyday blush to just throw on. I usually just swirl all the colors together I find its prettiest that way.
3. Wet n Wild blush in "Berry Shimmer"
-This also my look scary when you first swatch it, it is very pigmented so a little goes along way. When applied in moderation its a really pretty dark berry color with a bit of shimmer ( it doesn't show up like you have glitter all over your cheeks)

The first 4 swatched on my arm..............

Berry Shimmer, Peaches,Overdyed, and Spicy & Sweet.

5. NARS blush in "Orgasm"
- This is just a really pretty peachy-pink blush. I think it looks best of lighter skintones it gives such a gorgeous glow to your cheeks. As you can tell its been well loved :)

6. NYX blushes in "Mocha" and "Mauve"
- I really love matte blushes in the winter and these 2 have been my go-to's. They are really silky and apply beautifully to the cheeks.They look very similar in the pan, but not so much on the cheeks.
                       The last 3 swatched on my arm...


  1. i own the fox in a box by hard candy but i must say its my least fav. blush but i love the packaging!

    i recently reviewed maybelline's bouncy blush in fresh pink and im gonna do a giveaway with maybelline products so could you check it out? thanks! awesome blog and im following!

    1. Really? its so pigmented! yeah the packaging is really cute!

      I have to put up my review on the bouncy blush. I love your blog and i followed, and i def checked out your review!