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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lush Review: Big Blue Bath Bomb.

So I love trying new things from Lush every time I go. The closest one to me is about an hour away so I don't go very often. I've decided that I'm going to review the products I try on here. Ive already tried so many that some of them may be repeats for me but not for you. Obviously if i'm buying them again tho I must like them. So the first one I'm going to review is the "Big Blue Bath Bomb".

This was around $6.35 at lush.

This is a  Lemon, lavender and seaweed bath bomb, which you just throw in while your water is running. I use the whole thing, i'm sure you can break it into 2 pieces but that's to much work for me.
(its size compared to my candle)

So it makes your bath a really pretty blue color!

It say's that the lavender is to relax and calm you, the seaweed is for skin-softening, and the sea salt is packed with minerals that soften the skin and pull out toxins.

My experience: So i loved the scent and the color was really pretty. It made me very relaxed and my skin felt super soft after. I also found the scent lasted on my skin for awhile after my bath. All of that being said, the seaweed was the downfall for me. There was a ton in that little ball. It felt and looked like I was taking a bath with a bunch of worms! After i drained the water my tub was full of seaweed. So I would say this is not one that i would purchase again, Ive tried a lot of bath bombs and think there are ones more worth it then this!


  1. omg these are amazing. my boyfriend and I went to Atlantic City and he bought a pink one for this jacuzzi we had in the room. So romantic and i loved the scent and hellooo the fact that the water was pink!
    So cute!

  2. It's definitely blue !! <3
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  3. I love lush :)